Executive Protection

Protection of High value Dignitaries, Government, Management, Officials, Corporate, local and foreign visitors.

Five step Risk minimization Plan

  • Review of existing processes
  • Isolate the risk
  • Develop the framework
  • Implement the plan
  • Manage the plan

Government-Venue- Hotel- Boardroom Securing

  • Securing of localities
  • Sweeping for hidden electronic listening and explosive devices
  • E.O.D Teams


  • Route itinerary and transport of group.
  • Vehicle control and security – deterrence and monitoring.
  • Fleet management systems (co-driver satellite tracking).
  • Helicopter charter services

Convoy Escort

  • High or low profile clients with armed personnel
  • High value Commodities such as Gold and Diamonds
  • Air support (Helicopters)

Static Guards

  • Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality Industry, Retail
  • Armed or unarmed

Special Events

  • MiS are able to arrange all facets of your special event.
  • We will arrange for everything from sweeping the locality for devices (de-bugging) to static guards for the venue

Guard dogs with handlers

  • Explosive detection dogs with handlers
  • Narcotics (substance) detection dogs with handlers

Secure Guided Tours

  • This service is offered to all our clients to ensure excursions with peace of Mind.
  • We offer safe guided tours upon request to a variety of Game Parks including Shamwari Game Reserve, Addo Elephant Park and numerous others.
  • Our protection extends to meet all our clients leisure and sporting needs.  We ensure a safe experience during your golfing, surfing, sailing, and other leisure and sporting activities.
  • We will protect our clients during their safe shopping, entertainment and cultural excursions to a variety of venues upon request and will ensure an unforgettable experience, free from the concerns of everyday crime and risk.
  • Our services are as individual and flexible as our clients.

Palisade Fencing

Supply and installation of palisade fences as well as the maintenance thereof with access control systems as an option. These products are installed and fitted by our Specialist technical team.

CCTV – Covert Cameras

World first fully integrated, wirelessly enabled video monitoring and surveillance platform that integrates highly sophisticated video processing and computer viewing with state-of-the-art cellular/ wireless communications.

Vehicle Tracking

This system monitors vehicle activity and reports changes in real time to a predetermined monitoring station. It determines geographic positions through GPS and communicates using GSM SMS, GRPS and Data calls.


Our operational paramedics are level 5 and higher and registered with the authorities.  All personnel are equipped to handle minor to serious medical Emergencies.


  • Criminal Civil and Private
  • Asset Management
  • Forensic auditing
  • Pre- employment and Employment screening

Verification of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates – C.V.’s and recommendations

Technical Personnel

  • Our technical team is a combination of communications
  • Specialist, Electronic, Engineers and Computer Experts

Legal Team

A top South African firm who specialize in international affairs, Mergers and Acquisitions, International cross border disputes and litigation, deal with our legal issues.

Labour Broking Sector Positions

Qualified Electrician
Qualified Millwright
Qualified Boilermakers
Qualified Fitter and Turner
Qualified Diesel Mechanic

Profeswsional cleaning of:
Shopping Centres

Health and Safety

Safety Officers
SHE Officers

Electrical Engineers
Civil Engineers

Section Leader
Scaffold Erector
Scaffold Assistant
Scaffold Inspector
Scaffold Supervisor
Scaffold Foreman
Scaffold Site Manager

Labour Broking – The Solution

Metropole Investigation Services (MIS) offers a comprehensive business solution tailor-made to compliment your business’ labour requirements.

MIS creates a competitive advantage for our customers by taking away the burden of tedious, painstaking, time consuming activities through our professional labour broking services.

It is our mission to assist our clients to improve their productivity and profitability through effective outsourcing and recruitment, while we maintain the highest possible ethical standards and values.

Knowledge, innovation and teamwork are at the centre of who we are. Our employees are committed to working with you, our client, to create the highest level of added value, resulting in successful long term business relations.  We believe that by meeting our customers’ needs for quality and service excellence, we will ultimately ensure our own success.

MIS fulfills the specific labour requirements of our clients by placing suitable qualified contract and temporary employees on a site for the duration of a contract.

We supply short and long term contractual staff in all industries.

We work with clients to determine peak staffing trends and predict increased needs for staff in order to affectively match workforce with workload.  This is especially beneficial to employers that require additional staff for unspecified periods of short term projects.

We provide a Site Clerk to assist the Human Resource Manager with meetings, timesheets, queries and record keeping of employees, where there are more than 50 employees’ onsite.  Issues such as unexpected absenteeism are solved with a single call to our dedicated onsite agents and assessable managers.

Expungement of a criminal record

In recent times the Criminal Procedure Act was amended to provide for the expungement of some criminal records.

What is Expungement ? Expungement is the process by which a criminal record is cleared and removed from your personal record and to give you the opportunity to make a new beginning with a clean record in life.

So, why not clear your name? There is nothing stopping you.
There is no need to spend time in consultation with an attorney.

Don’t let a criminal record prevent you from things  like a new job, a fire-arm licence application.

Re-establish yourself in society.

How do you qualify? You may qualify if …..

1. Ten years have lapsed after the date of the conviction of your offence.

2. You didn’t receive a direct prison sentence for your conviction.

3. You have not been convicted and imprisoned for any other offence during those 10 years, without the option of a fine.

4. You were sentenced to the following sentences:

4.1. Conviction of lesser serious crimes (for example minor charges of theft, assault, fraud etc.)

4.2. Politically motivated crimes. For most crimes where a direct sentence was not laid upon except politically motivated crimes and crimes in respect of which the punishment is now unconstitutional under our new legislation.

5.You were convicted of an offence based on race.

6. You were convicted of an offence which would not be regarded as an offence in an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom under the democratic constitutional dispensation.

7. You paid a fine not in excess of R 20 000.00

You will NOT qualify if:

1. If a period of 10 years has not lapsed since the conviction of the crime, EXCEPT for crimes that were based on race and/or politically motivated,  of which punishment is now unconstitutional.

2. If you were convicted of a sexual offense against a child or a mentally disabled person.

3. If your name is included in the National Register for sex offenders or the Notional Child Protection Register. You may however qualify if your name has been removed from the National Register.

4. If you were imprisoned for an offense, which was not a political offense and or based on race.

5. Serious cases where the sentence is one of imprisonment without the option of a fine for example robbery, rape, murder and assault with the intention to do grievous bodily harm.

6. You paid a fine in excess of R 20 000.00

The process is as follows:

1-A clearance certificate (which give the details of your record and need to accompany your application) must be applied for at the police by yourself or we can do it on your behalf. You can also apply for it to check if you’ve got a criminal record.

2-You will be forwarded documents by e-mail  to you which will enable us to complete your application to expunge.

3-Once in possession of all the necessary documents, your application is lodged at the department of justice and constitutional development

4-The department of justice and constitutional development’s time frame to entertain applications is approximately 8 weeks.

5-If your application is successful they refer it to the criminal record centre to remove it from your record and they furnish us with a letter of confirmation that your record has been removed. Their time frame to remove it from your record is approximately 21 working days.

6-Once your record(s) has been removed, it’s removed for ever and you’ve got no legal obligation to publish your past record to anybody.


The fee is an all inclusive fee with no hidden and additional costs whatsoever.

There are got two different fee packages and it will depend on the following:

Option 1

You’re already in possession of a clearance certificate or will apply personally for one and furnish us with it to enable us to proceed with your application.

Option 2

You’re not in possession of a clearance certificate and want us to apply for it on your behalf to enable us to proceed with your application.(for the convenience thereof or if you live abroad)

The costs will be discussed with every client personally before we proceed with the application. Feel free to contact us and we’ll furnish you free of charge with a quote to remove your criminal record.