Mark Janse van Rensburg


A Grade - PSIRA Registration number:  1359693 - view here

Specialized courses

  • Special Events
  • Response Security
  • Hotel security                        
  • Banking and financial           
  • Special events
  • Retail security                                                                             
  • Cash in transit security         
  • Armed response security
  • Method of instruction
  • Health and safety representative
  • Risk Management
  • Medical level 03
Mark is a former police special task force commander with over 25 years of international experience in paramilitary and law enforcement activities during peace and war times on multiple continents. He is a Close Protection Security Specialist that has served as a Close Protection Security Specialist for dignitaries of high value over the years. Mark was deployed from 2004 to 2008 in Iraq providing close protection for Corporate and Government officials. One of his principals was Major General Johnson of the Unite States of America Core of Engineers. 
On his return from Iraq in 2006 he went to Israel to obtain specialist training in the use of the L.V.A 650.D for Layered voice analyzing designed for truth verification, employment and pre-employment screening.  Mark was appointed on 07-09-2006 by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development Republic of South Africa as a Commissioner of  Oaths.