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Providing premier security solutions

Metropole Investigation Services provides premier security solutions to its clients.   We strive to achieve a professional and quality protection service to all executives and individuals, their families, belongings and reputations. 

Our special operations tactics and approaches have afforded us the ability to safely operate in high risk situations with minimal exposure.   We excel in fast paced environments and remain ever vigilant to adapt to our surroundings while staying focused on our clients mission. 

Our primary goal is to ensure peace of mind along with confidentiality and discretion.   Whether your requirements are close protection or risk management, you can find what you need at Metropole Investigation Services. Metropole Investigation Services is a full service company that operates internationally and from our head office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Personnel and about Sempronius Densus

Our staff consists of the most elite former military, law enforcement and government personnel from around the world.

They specialize in armed and unarmed international force protection and security tactics including Personal Protection Details, Convoy Escorts, Static Site Security, and all facets of Air and Maritime Operations.

Our staff will do their utmost to protect their client and do so in an unobtrusive manner. They are dedicated to one hundred percent client satisfaction. All have been registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industrial Regulatory Authority).   Minimum qualification - A Grade

Sempronius Densus was a centurion in the Praetorian Guard in the 1st century. He was bodyguard to the deputy emperor, and is remembered by history for his courage and loyalty in singlehandedly defending his charge from scores of armed assassins, while all his comrades deserted or switched sides. On January 10, 69, the emperor Galba chose a man to become his deputy and heir. One of Galba's advisors had led Marcus Otho to expect to be appointed to this office, but instead Galba chose one Piso Licinianus. This unexpected choice led Otho to conspire to assassinate both of them and seize power.

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Only the best for our clients


At M I S Protection we do not spare any expense when it comes to the safety of our clients. That is why we have invested in a transportation fleet which we know will satisfy the needs, safety and comfort of our clients. Our clients come back to us repeatedly becasue we have vast experience in dealing with Eastern, Middle-Eastern, European and American clients and know how to cater for their needs.


What do we do?

Pre-Employment Screening
Truth Verification (LVA) - Voice Stress Analysis (Lie-detection)
Scanning for hidden electronic listening devices - De-bugging (Businesses, homes etc)
Executive Protection - Protection of High value Dignitaries, Government, Management, Officials, Corporate, local and foreign visitors.
Government-Venue- Hotel- Boardroom Securing
Static Guards, Guard dogs with handlers
Secure Guided Tours
CCTV – Covert Cameras
Vehicle Tracking
Investigations - Criminal, Private, Forensic
Verification of Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates - C.V.'s and recommendations..and many more security-related services.