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Voice stress analyzing program L.V.A 6.50.D

L.V.A 6.50 is a security-level advanced voice analysis solution providing instant truth verification, treat assessment, and emotion state measurement. L.V.A 6.50 analyzes voice samples in real-time to provide timely and reliable results for quick and effective decision-making.

L.V.A technology was designed specifically for security usage modes:

Enables users to tailor their investigation questions in real- time, allowing them to pursue leads discovered during the test itself.
Offline Mode:
Provides in-depth analysis of pre-recorded conversations.
Investigation Mode:  

L.V.A 6.50.C3 Application:

  • Investigation
  • Intelligence uses
  • High Security Employment Screening
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Intelligence/Counter-intelligence

GK1 Security Gate Keeper Application:
  • Airport check-in, plane boarding desks
  • Customs checkpoints, border/check points and control
  • Prison contraband/weapons detection efforts
  • Government building access and exits
  • Public transportation facilities

Recent terror attacks have proven that the rules of the game have changed, and that the willingness of terrorist to lose their own lives has made deterrence and prevention significantly more complicated. The search for concealed weapons, explosives and sharp objects is no longer sufficient. We are now compelled to examine not only what subjects are carrying, but to discover their motivations in advance.

By having your subjects answer three to five yes-no questions, it is now possible top reveal their true intentions.

Mobile Bio:

Security, Enter and Exit door Control with Time and Attendance

Using your fingerprint with an allocated pin code to gain access to security controlled buildings.
To control who is opening and closing doors in buildings, by monitoring them via the internet or your operations room.
Limit the movement of personnel in highly secure security buildings
Control movement of prisoners and warders in prisons
Manage your staff payroll and attendance


MobileBio - Ensures that control over remote sites can be maintained remotely or from a central point. MobileBio is the latest innovation in Biometric Technology. Unlike conventional Biometric units, MobileBio makes use of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to transfer data to and from a centrally located server, creating a total wireless solution.

HR1 is a computerized automated integrity testing system. Using a combination of uniquely designed questionnaire templates, advance voice analysis technology and comprehensive security and truth assessments techniques. HR1 measures the integrity and risk potential of employment candidates. Test results include a final integrity risk profile score which can be used as a supportive indicator for next-step interviews.  HR1 can also be used in-house to assess the integrity and risk potential of existing staff, using standard or customized questionnaires.

We use the most modern technology available on the marked for this Unique service